About us

Hanság Guest House was built in 2012.

You will find us in the Western part of Hungary, in the County of Győr-Moson Sopron. Kapuvár, the town we kindly invite you to visit, is the “capital of the Hanság Region”.

Our vision is to provide accomodation for those who come here, doing our best to make their dreams come true. If our contribution has improved your holiday, let we greet you again some time as our guest!

Vast, green woodlands, fresh air, tranquility and silence are to certify that Hanság Region is a wonderful part of the world indeed.

Its central location makes the Guest House a comfortable starting point for trips throughout the region.

Our Guest House owns and lends a fleet of bicycles.

These might be suitable for exploring the bike trails around the nearby Lake Neusiedl (Fertő-tó) and all over the region.

All attractions and sights are within easy reach.

The Guest House, a one-storey building, comprises of 4 separate apartments, and a spacious terrace at the back.

The rooms have a size of 23, 30 and 39 m2, accomodating 2-4 people, and apartments retain their cosiness even when extra beds are installed on demand.

The Guest House suits families and groups perfectly.

All apartments are en suite, have fully equipped kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 livingroom.

Free internet access is provided.

The roofed grill in the back-garden facilitates outdoor cooking and barbecque.

It’s a cosy and peaceful place to chill-out, sipping fine coffee or a glass of wine.

A substantial number of on-site parking lots awaits the guests.

Hanság Region offers a variety of programs and events in every season. Click “Attractions” for more information. You might also want to check “Prices” and “Special/Seasonal offers” to learn more about regional programs and the Guest House.

Once you visit us, you will probably feel an urge to return!

Come and experience the wonders, atmosphere and tranquility of the Hanság Region!

We are quite sure that a few days here would earn you a bunch of unforgettable adventures!

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